Media Accesses Puerto Rico Roads FEMA Won’t Drive With Aid | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

It has a pre-conspiracy-theory feel, doesn’t it?!  The response from Trump is so odd, so off point, it’s just God-awful and looking’glass -like. I’m so glad Maddow reported on this. Keep your eyes open. It’s propaganda in real-time, this “We’re getting A+’s on these efforts. We MUST break through this cloud of misinformation… Our fellow citizens are suffering.

I post this in hopes this news will spread, and people in real time will get the help they are entitled to. This is far worse, more flagrant, than what W did with Katrina. 
Where’s the congressional action?! 

I guess I also post to teach out to those who see this, and are distressed or frustrated by it. 

Exposing it, calling it out… Now is that time. No more examining to see if it’s true, whether this is indeed a malevolent and dangerous game which is harming our citizenry. 

It is. 

Some saw it coming. Some exposed it as it was happening. But it was a propaganda and consciousness “war,” and Putin’s Trump is the result. 

Keep being aware. Don’t let it disturb you. Let it empower and strengthen you. The end is coming, the jig is up. Once something is seen for what it is, it can no longer enchant. 

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