How Donald Trump Lied to Conceal His Moscow Business Partner; Perhaps This was his Greatest Deception of the 2016 Campaign, by DAVID CORN

Donald Trump



David Corn is a journalist to keep track of in this. He is often way ahead of the rest of the media, with  much of what he exposes later being picked up by the syndicates.



An excerpt:

“This was Sater’s deal. According to a source familiar with this aspect of the Trump-Russia investigation, Trump was fully aware that Sater had brokered the agreement. And around late October 2015, Trump himself signed a letter of intent with I.C. Expert Investment to proceed with the project.

The arrangement would have put $4 million in upfront fees in Trump’s pocket. Trump’s company solicited building designs from different architects and engaged in discussions regarding potential financing for the proposal. (I.C. Expert Investment projects were sometimes financed by Russian banks under US economic sanctions.  [Author’s empasis] Last month, Sater told the New York Times that he lined up financial support from VTB Bank, an institution partially owned by the Kremlin and now under US sanctions.)”


Unfreakingbelievable, this whole thing. Soooooo mobbed up. So dirty. Mark my words, Trump will be linked to the CRIMEA mess, at least indirectly. It’s all interconnected, and dark as hell.





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