Fixed Star Antares ~ Darkstar Astrology

Like with Aldebaran there is a “Good versus evil”theme with this star. But if Antares has been honoured with the title of a royal star then it must have some redeeming qualities. Aldebaran could just be a little too good to be true, and maybe just a tad too worthy. Aldebaran is “the enlightened”, but I think Antares’ purpose is to remind Aldebaran that he isn’t quite a god yet, and to keep in touch some of the harsh realities of human life. This might burst Aldebaran’s balloon somewhat, but that’s Antares’ job, smashing sickly meringues!

So Antares will always play the baddie, will always take the rap, will tend to play out the collectives demons for them. It is the man or woman you love to hate. Antares will gladly play the red-eyed monster in the corner with a long black cape going “mmmwwaaahhaaahhhaaahaaaa.” Ok, maybe thats way too obvious a stereotype, but if you look an Antares rising, they probably really do have a wicked grin or a devilish twinkle in their eye.

Have you had an uncanny,  thorough moment of “EUREKA!” I get them from time to time. 

I’ve had more things happen, which I’m about to record/report, but before I began, I was urged to look up “fixed star antares” I’m the Google machine. 

Up popped this. 

I’m blown away. 

I’ve had a few like this, but they’re new and wonderful each and every time. I read this and tumblers all feel into place, boom boom boom. Conflicted relationships, troubles, internal strife & private explanations, all laid bare. 

I had to add this excerpt. It made me laugh out loud at myself 🙂
“The main problem for spicy Antares is it’s quite a challenging star to live with at a day to day level, so people with it prominent should try to leave their battle armour outside the front door when they get home. Antares households have lots of spaghetti stuck to their kitchen ceiling, and very well worn bedsprings…”

I’ll report what I’ve learned…  I’m so astonished and engaged.  I hope you are enjoying your life experiences, too. 

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