Cracking The Egg Of Death In My Kitchen By Kathy Vik 9-2-17


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This is a video which may shock, upset or surprise many. If you are not a death-walker, if you are not at least in your heart ready to hear about life and death stuff, this isn’t the video for you. No trigger warning here, just a note to tell you I discuss big things here.

Many who have been reading me, and watching, know I have a son. Much has been revealed about him, though most has remained hidden.

As I explain, I realized today that Sam might indeed want me to talk about this matter. I checked. He did. I did the video, he reviewed it, and he was pleased with the work. Finding it complete, we agreed we would post.

Sam is all about giving information, being open and living as transparently as those around him can tolerate. It has resulted in a life lived with conviction, with strength, with character and with utter honesty.

He has taught me much about life, love, being a good person, and being honest. He has shown me the way home day after day, simply because he is here, trying to make sense of it all, engaged, though many remain convinced he may not be fully aware of what is around him. Oh. my. That is a mistake. This boy sees everything.

This is really Sam’s story, told by a clinician, by a veteran hospice nurse, but mostly, by a mommy.

It speaks of life, love, struggle and death in 2017. Human struggles are timeless ones, and it is with certainty I post this, knowing that those actively grieving, having been handed devastating news, those who are seeing massive upheavals in their lives, we, my son and I offer this to you, so that you can see how we are managing our challenges and life puzzles.

This is sent out tonight in deep respect for those in suffering, in confusion, in pain, and in need, You are not alone.



Sam has done ceaseless research on Klinefelters, has engaged in research studies for, and been clinically followed by the internationally recognized medical research team at Colorado’s Children’s Hospital, led by Dr. Nicole Tartaglia. As such, he is the best spokesperson for Klinefelters. I wanted to pass along a couple websites for those curious. They’re are approximately 200,000 Klinefelters boys born each year. 

Sam will most likely present to you on video a talk he’s done for his fellow high-schoolers, which highlights the most recent understandings, approaches, and breakthroughs. But, well, you gotta start somewhere.


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