Seth, On Finding Peace

(Thank you, Ron Card, for your ceaseless work) 

You form whatever reality that you know. You have always done this. The heaven and hell that you think of, this is your own experience, the consequences of your actions. There is in some distant, ultimate time, a returning to that from which you have come. But when you return to that from which you have come, when you return to what you think of as God, by then new creativity will have already begun, consciousness will evolve in new ways and there will be new challenges.
There is no end. This does not mean that there is no peace, for peace is within you now. If you would but realize it, it is within you. It is closer to you than breath. It is closer to you than your own pulse. It is as close to you as you are. You are co-creators.
What you call God is the sum of all consciousness and yet the whole is more than the sum of its parts. God is more than the sum of all personalities, and yet all personalities is what He is. There is constant creation, but peace is to be found in creation. There is a force within you that allows you to breathe. There is a force within you that knew how to grow you from a fetus to a grown adult. This force is part of the innate knowledge within all consciousness and it is a part of the God within you.
The responsibility for your life and your world is indeed yours. It has not been forced upon you by some outside agency. You form your own dreams and you form your own physical reality.
I told Ruburt (Jane) today that God has given you the greatest of all gifts and the most awesome. He has given you what you want. The world is what you want as individuals and as races. The world is what you are. You look at the state of the world and you find the physical materialization of the inner selves which have formed it. You look at nature and you find the joy that is within you that you have also formed outward. You look at the good and it is a reflection of the good that is within you, within each individual person, multiplied outward millions of times for each individual within the planet. And there is no man that hates but that hatred is reflected outward and made physical. And there is no man that loves but that that love is reflected outward and made physical. 
I want you to realize that you as you understand yourselves to be, your individuality, is not changed by this. I have had this same personality with some minor changes throughout the ages, and you are stuck with yours as I am stuck with mine. All the abilities that I have now I have always had. And you have abilities that you are not using, you see, and the sooner you learn to use them the better it will be for you. I want you to realize that while I no longer inhabit your physical system, the human personality that is mine and thus has filled many physical forms, still exists. I am still learning. I still have work to do and you will still have work to do. You will set challenges for yourselves.
There is a short time between lives when you rest and when you take stock of what you have learned and where you are. But true peace is within you now. And if you do not realize it, it is not because peace does not exist. It is because you have closed yourselves off from peace, and joy springs out of peace.
Joy cannot come from unease and dissatisfaction.
You will not find peace after this unless you know peace within yourselves now. The kingdom of peace is not on some planet, not four blocks down and three blocks across, not a million light years away and miraculously will you find it. The kingdom of peace is within each of you now and if you realize this, then indeed you dwell in peace and from peace comes your security and confidence and joy.
~ Seth (Jane Roberts), ‘The Early Class Sessions’; ESP Class March 12, 1968.

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