It’s Come To My Attention… 

The trolls and hysterics have arrived.

I love comments from readers and viewers. Anyone who’s followed along knows how moved I am by feedback.

When comments are left on this site that are condescending, attacking, or rude, it tells me I’ve triggered somebody down deep, and I’m seen as enemy, as something to make small and disgrace.

The thing is, I’m a veteran of thriving among those types. I’ve sworn it off, for the most part.  It’s bad for my health to be around, and when I do even briefly engage, all I feel is the need to take a shower. It’s nasty.

So, if the comments you leave are wildly incendiary, a throw down to compete spiritually, well, at this point all I can say is, you might feel bad when I delete your comment, but you’ll probably be the only one.

People who check in sometimes do not like the work. And that’s actually the expectation. The disintegration of beloved paradigms creates internal chaos. It’s uncomfortable. I get it.

If you react to it, you get to own that reaction, however. If it takes you higher, awesome. If it leaves you with something hot and painful and scary, well then, that info was just for you. You do understand that, right?

Please feel free to express yourself, knowing that this gardener sometimes has to weed out something that, left unattended, leaves an aroma she simply doesn’t enjoy anymore. It’s her garden. She’s allowed.


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