Thoughts and Channeling At Interregnum’s End By Kathy Vik 8-29-17


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In keeping with the overall message of this video, feel free to set this offering with Lorde’s song, Royals.





This video will blow some away. I know this because I am.

The channel begins at 23:03. It’s titled: “The Lunar Surface, The Clarion Call, And The Awakening.” They say that, and then they say, as they do when they’re gonna change things, those magic three words of theirs: “Are You Ready?” It’s a good one. I hope you are!

It talks abut what is happening now, energetically, the changes we are experiencing now. I am aware that this is truly a time of endings, finality, and brand new realities. It’s no longer simply a continuation of old patterns, a “bettering” or “healing” of them. It is about brand new things.

The channeling further explains how absolutely SAFE we are, within our lives and psyches. It’s a beautiful thing, watching this play out, in my life and the lives of those around me.

I hope you enjoy this. I so looking forward to my first entry as a Soul Reporter. Look for my first offering in that vein early next week, maybe quicker than that.

I hope you are enjoying this time of transition and change. And I truly hope, dear friend, that my work is helping you enjoy these times, and that the work is helping you navigate with greater joy and freedom within and without.

In love and light and highest service, I wish you well on your day.





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