Hurricane Harvey: Photo of Nursing Home Residents Stranded |

This situation is identical to what our souls and families experience. They can only work from a distance. They can appreciate and assist individually, but, only so much. There are limits to what can be done energetically. 

Let it be said, loudly & firmly, that these very limits have changed dramatically, fundamentally, and benevolently, so there’s more weirdly tangible help about. 

However, it’s the face to face, moment to moment, problem to problem work, where the miracles get done. 

You’ve noticed that, right? There’s a lot of talk about miracles, always has been, but none of it features The Actual,  Real-Life “God The Father” person doing any of it. It’s angels, or mysterious disappearing priests who wander right to the car wreck victim , or it’s a weirdly smart dog,  or it’s a twitter storm, but someone entirely human makes the actual save, not this God guy, as great a dad as they say he is. 

I’m struck yet again with the integrity and strength of nursing home workers this evening, reading this. I was humbled into silence with the stories i read about when Katrina hit, when the blizzard hit, and now, when Harvey hit. 

With no evac plan, no advanced safety assist, and no governmental coherence, it’s those on the ground who are the Angels of Light, right now, and always.  

As one observing, from a distance, I know to direct white light, I know how to calm, envelope, soothe. I know how to apply colors and sound to things, to help, but come on. 

If you’re chest high in green water, in pain, maybe with a wound, who cares about the meditating airy-fairy light sorceress over there? “I might die from this,” the thinking goes, as the gravity of the actual situation hits home. “God, please help me.”

That’s what it’s like when the lights go out, and the water comes pouring in. 

So, I think tonight I’ll do some loving on the southwest, and I’m giving it all to those who are helping those who need it. 

Do what you wish, do what you can, but please do it believing it’s possible to be of assist, while in this role of airy-fairy one. Those who’ve seen the results of their meditative work with such events know that we can do much at a distance… Much. 

Insert knowing grin (on many faces who’ve done it, not just me.)

Do you think there’s only this one thing going to happen? Each of us need assist, don’t we, from time to time? I help when I can, when I’m moved. Eventually, one of those times, it’ll be you, moved in meditation, to work with me, in my time of need. 

If help is freely given and really available, does that change outcomes? 

I think those sweet rescued ladies know the answer to that one. As do the many who inevitably come from such extreme situations to talk of odd visitations, unusual dreams, unexpected help, and weird goings-on. 

Love, peace and light to all, to all, to all. Seylah.

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