Kathy Vik Introduces “Lucid Living” 8-25-17

** Please note that with a little bit of research I have learned that someone who is ery wise and abundantly blessed with both deep understanding and wonderful timing is already working under this title. It is not my intention to “horn in” on that action… I like what the website offers and what the authors have to say, so I say “go for it” and I guess I am still needing to find that perfect name for this project. I am glad to have put this in quotation marks, this working title.  I will unveil the official name of the project and all that jazz either immediately after or during the initial recording. All is well, I am glad the concept of life led lucidly is being explored and shared on the web. What this means to me is that the project I am cooking up involves more than what I lit upon as the core concept, so, true to my nature, I am smiling and very happy, because I am on a wonderful adventure, the most important part of a new thing… NAMING IT!!! **






Welcome to New Time, or what I lovingly refer to as “No Time.” I’m not on No Time just yet, but as I walk into that time, I have had some realizations about what needs to come next, for me, but, more importantly, for others.

I am SURROUNDED by amazing people, some of them with skills that I don’t possess, with skills and realities I am very curious about. I have wanted to have a way to learn of them, to let them know how stunning I find them, and to find a way to share with others the beauty of people in my world.

And so, next week we’ll begin. The videos will be interviews of people who have developed themselves, their realities, their souls, their hearts, all in wonderfully unique ways. I am hoping that once a week or so I will have such an encounter.

For now, my video capabilities are crude, so the interviews might, too, but I need to begin, and I know that resources will come that will allow the work to flower.

As I mention on tape, I am writing a novel, working on it, teasing it and being teased by it. I’ll let it come when it is ready, and won’t be able to stop writing it, until it’s over. It is an immersive and truly magical experience, and when it’s time, it’s going to be awesome. In the meantime, there is other work to be done, light to shine, and a stage to SHARE!

I end this video with some astrological stuff, and I think that’s interesting too. It is setting the intention and tone for this next part that is going on now. I am ok with flux and change and discovery. I share it with you to express the absolute ok-ness of changing your mind when the info changes, I guess.

I’ll be changing the website banner along the way, so this website will be the hub.

Please note my “team” wants their own “Channel channel,” and they have info they want to distribute. I’ll set it up and let them take over. It’s a nice way to leap-frog with this energy, and to give to others the gifts I am rich with, in real time.

Please enjoy, and thank you (from the soles of my feet) for following along. It’s fianally getting GOOD.





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