Deeply Awake: Prison Breaks, Keys And This Eclipse By Kathy Vik 8-21-17

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A surprising and dense but flowing talk on the themes of this eclipse, one heavily keyed for ascension.

The idea of the magnetics going down (in a subtle, gentle way, that effects DNA, not if we stick to the ground or not, was likened to the magnetics being broken on a prison. The locks release, and the prisoners can go free, if they but know they can.

Then the last crop circle came, and my friend Nancy commented that it looked like a keyhole. Uncanny. And then, within the ray of the beautiful glyphs, are what is being referred to as “keys”, golden glowing keys we use to open everything that is being delivered.

By virtue of standing up, walking out, grabbing hold of those two dangling keys, and smiling, a city of light comes into my vision, and everyone is real happy we finally made it. There is no work to this, just a need for knowledge of how to use it.

please watch in good cheer and great happiness that it’s finally here.




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