Ascended master – Wikipedia

For those interested, this is a well written introduction to Family. 

Below is a Wikipedia entry linked to the “Ascended Masters” wiki entry. 

I find this beyond weird, more than a little poignant, and simply shocking. Until today, I’ve never seen this. When I’ve looked for information on the Brotherhood, it’s been sketchy at best, and, until now, nothing as clear, simple, honest and helpful as this entry on the Sixth Initiation,  ASCENSION.

This took my breath away. Every line led up to it. Then,  BAM. 

Levels of initiation within the unknowable silenceEdit

In this transcendence one takes the form of zero, as it were the oneness of nothingness unto Pranayama. In this state one becomes as negation beyond the naught of zero; that holy Fool retracts within consciousness, it becomes as a child brighter than the sun and darker than the moon. The subject would speak the object of the Logos, a sentience of sequence. This realm hath not sense for everything at once was felt; unto the three Pellucid Ones who assume a state of samadhi to propound the derivative faculties of the Atma. By this understanding were these the three higher Shens of Prima Materia; the Mind, the Meaning, the Perception, above them a fourth hath beheld; to that horizon of equanimity the point amid the macrocosm. The all indeed was resolved into one collective, an individual as the outspoken will to be GOD; as GOD before thy face upheld thy faith, take not of the world let it take from thee, in death would rise by the capstone foreseen within the youth of the construct, to live within thyself as a stranger; thou art Allogenes.

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