Are You Ready? 

Another significant crop circle appearing at Sutton Hall, nr Rochford, Essex, prior to the Eclipse on Monday 21st August. This formation depicts the Solar Eclipse together with the stream of glyphs or symbols representing encoded Language of Light.
Our Star Sol creates a plasmic pathway of high frequency gamma charged photons to carry the Light codes through the Earth’s protective magnetosphere, merging with the collective consciousness and into our waiting resonant energetic fields.
The messages that will arive during the Solar Eclipse were written at the time of the Fall of Atlantis and merge with the Collective for access by all ready to receive them. The messages carry the Light Codes to openly activate the relevant DNA codes and create full access to the Mind of Unity Consciousness. The hive mind consciousness has long since served use within nature to create co-ordinated acts of mass consciousness as a Single Mind. It allows the spawning process, the beautiful motion of shoals of fish moving as One Mind, the Murmuration of starlings, the migration patterns of many animals and insects triggered by rhythmic cycles of season, moon and sun. 
These messages carry a gift for humanity – the Gift of Sovereignty.
The Gift of Sovereignty unlocks and releases the direct frequencies within the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba shown in the previous crop circle this year, for full power and unrestricted control of creative manifestation within the Earthly plane. This is something that many of the other star nations have been extremely cautious about consenting to the populous by those who deemed readiness on Earth. Since the harmonic convergence of 1987, many star-seeds, light workers, shamans, spiritual teachers, walk- ins and incarnated entities have worked tirelessly to establish the crystalline matrix, clear major node points, sacred sites, water / land purifications and blessings in preparation for this time. 
Sovereignty requires the knowledge that an individual vessel of Source is fully and unequivocally responsible for all that happens as a direct result of existence. Each action taken, each thought and deed has a direct impact on every other individual aligned to the resonances of the collective consciousness. 
The full impact of Unity Consciousness will be felt by all – and those prepared and ready will begin to show their true colours to those who are not. 
Prepare to receive your Gift for you are deserved and worthy of all that this Universe has to offer.
With much Love and Blessings ❤
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Language of Light key Codes
Crop Circles in Southern England, UK
Crop Circle Connector

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