Donald Trump Remarks On Racist Rally Force Moral Reckoning For GOP

My curiosity rests not in Donald Trump’s throwing red meat at his base, American-grown Nazis, White Supremacists, obedient Republicans, and the grossly ignorant.


It comes from the professional observers’ shock.

What the fuck did people expect from this man?

It’s the same stuff I heard on the campaign trail.

This evening seems to me like a singular moment.

It’s the battered wife, now finally in existential shock, after having allowed her captor the marriage, the kid, the affair, in utter belief that then, after that, it’s got to get better.

Yet, it didn’t. And in that deep, dark, solvent night, you realize, finally, it never will. You gave him free rein, out of need, and exhaustion, and a desire for peace.

But, he got worse, and now it feels more and more dangerous.

You smile wearily. Of course it turned out this way. How could it not? Just look at him.

It’s time to walk away.

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