Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Stabilizing And Smiling By Kathy Vik 8-13-17

Image result for cosmic sunset



A short essay that struck me, upon re-viewing for the overall relaxation and ease now evident, as well as an easy manner in moving thoughts along in a quicksilver but pleasant way. Somehow, just having a chat showcased, for me, such changes in presentation, maybe just in feeling tone, that I felt it appropriate to share.

It has been a long day of contemplation, industry, rest, and creativity. This is a final gift meant to smooth the energies delivered, and to add stability and resonance to the previous messages. Together they stand as a cohesive group, but each stand alone, this one as an innocent tag-along, too busy having enjoyed the sunshine and flowers today to worry awfully hard on the impending apocalypse.

I hope you enjoy this, that it lightens and enlivens, and leaves you feeling ready for the week, and events, ahead.


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