Space Weather, Suspicious Observer-style

I’ve been following Suspicious Observers on YouTube since 2012, which is roughly when they started daily broadcasts of space and Earth weather. I notice many upgrades, which I’ll talk about, but this guy started out strong, already a scientist and an expert, with a good sense of humor and a rational, unique and helpful take on things.

Through the years he has accomplished much, and reached many. I bring Suspicious Observers and Ben Davidson to you because I think it is an important time to be aware of what the sun is doing, and a new approach to weather has helped me and many of my friends.

I have learned so much from this man, and enjoy watching his videos for a whole host of reasons, including that the videos are concise, and also because he doesn’t overreact, he doesn’t use mythology to explain things, the perspective is super big, and he is firmly rooted in the understanding the sun is our friend, somehow benevolent in ways that he’s actually commented on, just as objectively as everything else he reports on. The sun protects us, and he looks on all of it fearlessly, wisely, and expertly.

Always a professional, still, I must say I am just floored these days with how he flows, his inner authority and that same old sense of fun… this guy is just really in his groove, and that’s always nice to see.

This information is accessible and helpful, just a daily peek at big picture weather, a picture big enough to include space, the sun, other planets, and leading-edge science.

Give Suspicious Observers a look, their short videos are a daily offering. As always, the comment section is loaded with enough links to keep a deep-dive researcher happy for days.



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