Deeply Awake Chats 2017: New Energy Neurologic Changes Embodiment Report By Kathy Vik 7-31-17



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I have gone through a review of past work recently, led happily and seemingly magically to information which leads to more and more integration.

One of the tapes recently reviewed, in an attempt to understand recent events and current understandings, was my first public channel, about neurologic changes in this ascension process.

This video focuses on what it is like to begin living in a world where the agreement is not that of harm, but of benevolence.

Upon review of that early channel, I was left with the sensation I am enjoying, coming more often now, wonderfully simple, true and a feeling of home: Things that once were very complicated are now surprisingly simple It’s the sensation I sometimes get, and always enjoy, after meeting someone new, and as a result, I see and know things much differently, and much more simply. It’s just a perspective jump. A little miracle. A relief.

So I come to you to tell you about how things feel, and what I am aware of, as well as what I am anticipating now that I understand the work gets easier from here on out, simply because my hardware is operating better, among other things.






As referenced, the first videotaped channel I ever did, entitled “Neurologic Changes and Developmental Milestones.” It’s pretty delicious, I found, on re-watching it….




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