Deeply Awake Chats 2017: There Is No Fence By Kathy Vik 7-19-17


The third of three videos ( rarity these days!), I am able to capture for our continued enjoyment understandings which have helped me understand dimensionality, compassion and multiplicity. The understandings and realizations brought forth, the change of heart and countenance captured were then immediately tested.

I have seen the last two days how, in the moment, things have slowed down enough, if that is a helpful descriptor, for me to see through things, in the moment, and then deliver communication which does delight, and which assists, and lightens things.

This, I think, is the point. Don’t you?

What is enlightenment, after all, but a lightening up?

I hope this finds you curious, and as ready to begin as I. Namaste.






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