Deeply Awake Chats 2017: From Independence To Peace By Kathy Vik 7-4-17”

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A complex and deep discussion which reflects upon the impact of saying and of hearing “no,” and how much of the shift occuring has to do, in the end, with how we treat each other as we are making these quantum leaps in our stories.

Separations and endings are discusses, and I highlight the way one was done as if they typify all, and that was incorrect. Thus far, though harrowing, things have been relatively gentle, and surprisingly supportive and loving. Therefore, I felt it necessary I was using a particularly tricky one to discuss the human impact of the situations arising from intense energy surges.

Even so, this is a mild, sweet, complex and thorough, but funny and unguarded presentation. The more transpersonal information regarding grief, consent and coping ends at 12:09, and the esoterics get underway.

Ascension theory is discussed, and energetics as it relates to consciousness, triggers I am seeing in the energy which makes it so much easier to work with, as well as many other esoterics are also discussed.

I reference the astoundingly helpful and resonant work of Sandra Walter, in this video, as her thoughts truly helped me set much that was just floating around and a little nuisance-y into structure I could use, that helped me immensely. She talks about timeline splits in a way that makes me feel like I am vibrating like I wanted to but didn’t know how. Good stuff! Here is that video:



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