Winners And Losers Under The House GOP Health Bill : Shots – Health News : NPR

This piece of legislation is the plan for financial collapse of an industry, affecting hundreds of thousands of health care workers and their families, but more seriously, this is literally a plan for the financial abandonment of thousands upon thousands of chronically ill adults. This bill is akin to A Final Solution. It is a form of financial genocide. 

And that’s the impact of only one of those squares in this article. A friend had posted this to her wall asking “Where was the media last week with this breakdown?” I think that’s a fair question. 

It is shocking that this is a legitimate piece of proposed legislation. The gloves are off now. Their intentions are not subtle. Even Trump supporters (the non-moneyed),  his popular base,  are going to feel smacked and scared by this. 

How many wealthy people will be outraged, shocked, threatened, that’s the question…

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