As Our Eyes Adjust… 

This photo was taken on my way to work this morning. It requires a keen eye,  but if you look at the stoplight, you’ll notice a black streak traveling in a straight line, located, in the photo, under the middle chemtrail. My eyes could appreciate the black streak high into the sky, but it is visible in the photo for a very short distance.

I find that to visually appreciate these, especially when they are faint, it is helpful to scan the sky, catching the thing sort of sideways, at first. Play with it, when you think you see a shadow in the sky, and you might find, with scanning, brushing your vision across the horizon trying to take it all in whole, that you come to see a streak. Once seen, scanning can stop, usually, and the phenomenon is visible straight on.

I used to see these a lot, in the 90’s, and infrequently in the intervening years, until the last couple of years or so. Long ago when I used to see them, I often saw not one ray but several, looking oddly like the negative of a sunrise. These days, they are often just hints of streaks, but, lately I am finding them to be fairly easy to see, appearing singularly, like this one, obvious and pronounced.

When I noticed they were showing up boldly and consistently while in my training, I went to The Teachers wanting to know more. I asked them what the streaks mean, and they responded to my question about these streaks by asking me a question.

They asked if I ever notice rays of light coming from the sky to earth, those rays that  look somehow purposeful, like a blessing to the earth below. I said sure, who hasn’t. They then said these black streaks are like those light rays, but it’s actual light coming from Gaia outwardly, an emanation.

They explained there are entities, groups, working within the earth, and it is them beaming their energy out!

Come to your own conclusions, of course, but if you are noticing these streaks too, know that your vision is coming on-line. It’s stuff that’s always been there, and yes, it’s from the intensified energy afoot these days, as it was is the 90’s,  but I’m thinking this amp up is only going to continue, and we’re all going to be noticing a whole bunch of odd, weird and unexplainable stuff in the sky, in the months and years to come.

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