Strange Days Are These… 

Here is the screen shot of my page today…

This site, as well as my YouTube page’s version is/was going nuts, ten at least per hour, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your interest!

I wanted to review the recording that’s captured attention now, because I’m readying to go complete this work at the crystal cave, but, funny…  The server for this video is currently down!

Persevere if you can’t watch a recording you’re called to. If it’s unavailable, due to weirdness, there might be one of, oh,  roughly 300, that might call you if you scroll. Thing is, I’ve tried, and it looks like the server for the channel is down. Did we all break it?

Far fucken out!

It’s  easier to scroll for recorded  content on the YouTube site, frankly, tho this site is easy enough to navigate using the month/year finder. But until this is better catalogued cross-referenced and transcribed, my thinking is if you are initially frustrated, even that might be purposeful. If you have the urge, mozy thru the libraries, here, on or on or even gfp or other sites where I had/have blogs,  and dive into the process, anywhere along the way.

It’s all connected.

I’ll monitor the situation and get help as needed. In the meantime, once again, from my toes, this time, thank you.

As compensation, here are some pictures for you.

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