Deeply Awake Chats 2017: A Eulogy To Lunacy By Kathy Vik 2-7-17

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A deep, wide ranging and risky essay which discusses not only the moon and its many influences on us, but the lunacy inherent in the consciousness state/morphogenic consciousness field of fear and anger, as first outlined by Lee Carroll/Kryon (below).

I am looking forward to never describing or dissecting this particular subject again, and I explain why this is not so much a hope as a declaration, so this is my eulogy not only to an energy which has dogged and trained me all my life, but to the inner dialogue necessary to survive in such human systems, one which has cluttered my energetic highway long enough.

I suppose I could caution you that you may recognize yourself in some of these descriptions, but don’t ever lose sight of who it is talking, someone who has actively participated in this lunacy for a lifetime, a veteran shadow worker, I guess you could say.

I am convinced that without respectfully, deeply and reverently, wisely naming this stuff, and breaking the absolute edict to not discuss it, it will do as it sees fit, and the battles will continue. Light workers know, though, that we may not win every battle, but we always win the war.

With this eclipse season, the venturing I have done, and the conclusions drawn, I offer this as my way of assisting ad infintim in this grand struggle of consciousness, something I think most often is best demonstrated in the butterfly’s struggle against its cocoon, without which it is unable to become a functional now-winged creature.



As referenced, Lee Carroll/Kryon’s message on consciousness fields. This work continues to stun and teach me. Thank you, Lee and Kryon. ❤  Recorded 1-23-16, entitled “Quantum Patterns.” PURE GOLD.



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