Deeply Awake Chats 2017: It’s Getting Pretty Sparkly Up In Here By Kathy Vik 2-4-17


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A fun, light and engaging chat about the current astrological things afoot, and how freakily personal some of it is, with the North Node at 4 degrees Virgo for the next 10 weeks, and lots of other things which are hitting super close to my own home, and, therefore (written with a big sloppy grin), I know others are just as heavily keyed for this time. Oh, it’s so exciting!

Included is a mention of two websites which have really helped me as I learn this astrology thing, from both places you can get a free on-line reading, and man oh man, that’s so fun… Again, with a knowing smile, I reflect on how freeing, affirming and ultimately inclusive it is to fully engage in self-discovery!

Enjoy this little nugget, loaded with synchronicity, and a newfound sense of balance and ease, becoming, through this last part, my fall-back rather than  the exception to my general feeling state.

Here is a great explanation for the dance our Moon is having with Virgo:

Here are the websites, Kaypacha’s video and then my talk. Enjoy.






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