Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Embodiment Realized By Kathy Vik 1-29-17

After viewing this twice, then watching “I’ll See You On The Other Side,” and now just in the middle of re-watching this video, now for the third time, I am more and more convinced something big has indeed occurred. I have recordings which break down the numerology, but i find it a little tedious to release a whole video of me talking in and about numbers.

I want to tell you a couple cool synchronicities before I tell you about the significance of today’s numbers. The 27th was a significant day in all of this, and they have been doing a lot of number work with me through this process. On the 27th, the numbers reduced, they told me, well, repeatedly they sort of hollered, every now and then, this is a 9-11 day, meaning, a day of completion and illumination. I shrugged, as the interruptions came, now and then, gently but firmly.

Then, that evening, they had me reflect on a number of synchronicities, about the weekend to come, about this thing in the air and all around me and within me that was growing. I was guided to my first video’s date, and then they ran the numbers, and told me it was highly significant and very, very beautiful that the next day, on Melissa and I’s reunion and realization of the decision we’d made to heal each other, they told me, there was reason for the unanticipated day off, for the weekend beginning Saturday.

On Saturday, January 28, it would be 9 months and 11 days since I had done my first recording, labeled “Embodiment,” at the suggestion and sincere request of Melissa for me to do some “old soul” videos. Further exploration of the numbers reveals more synchronicity and beauty, but I won’t belabor it. I find this a valid and true science, one that is as intuitive as it is geometric, a sort fo short hand, in soul language, that helps ease the way.

But, the numerology tutelage has been strong lately, and it crescendoe’d on the road, after walking through a series of very interesting events, culminating in a pristine and singular event which has left me convinced I have taken on certain attributes I didn’t have before, committed to being here, physical, at this time, and in never-ending celebration and unfaltering encouragement for the planet and its humanity. The shift is real. The gifts are here. All is well, it’s finally here.

Suffice it to say, the last few days have been high-alert kind of shining numbers, and today, they sort of blasted it at me once I got moving, back on the road, after having to take uncanny evasive action to avoid a car accident. They sort of shouted it, they’d been running these numbers (and so many others!) THIS IS AN 11:11 DAY. GET IT NOW, sweet girl???”

A day of illumination of both the inner and the outer. A day of resonance of frequency. A day of being in a new pattern. an 11 day, comprised of a 2 and 9, duality and completion, flanked by January (month 1) and 2017 (2+1+7=10… a binary one year). It is stunning, pretty, worth smiling at, and that it was repeated to me so often would be reason enough to shrug and say, “Well, yeah, that’s pretty cool. Thanks, guys.” That was the level of appreciation until that thing on the road.

I am very glad I recorded this for you. I was uncertain about its release, so I withheld it initially (not my norm), did two others, but then felt this was the best representation, and I still do, of what has occurred which is sustained, and thick, and very good.

I want to mention here, before you read the YouTube introduction, which really doesn’t do this thing justice (though transcription will, but good golly, aren’t you as glad as me to be able to visually witness all this?!), that below today’s video I am including my very first video, the idea for it given to me by Melissa, referenced in today’s chat. It was entitled “Embodiment.” I have yet to view it, but will after this last review of today’s work.

I close this project, this process, this leg of the journey, by saying:

I am thrilled and honored to lay this profound gift at humanity’s feet, and wish to express my deep gratitude for the honor to the Creator Source of All That Is for having been given it in seclusion, in confusion, in frustration, in determination, in fascination, in rapture, in wicked curiosity, in confidence, in resolution, in balance and in completion.

Namaste and enjoy, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Image result for human angel

A beautiful, soft and quiet report of how I am now that this weekend is passed. I tell many things that I have not revealed, feeling more loved and complete than I ever have, knowing there is only more, now.

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