Deeply Awake: A Monadic New Year By Kathy Vik 1-7-17

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A powerfully honest talk about moving into this new year in a way that is far, far different than ever seen before, at least for me. 😉 I didn’t really explain karma very well, but what I did explain, I explained well enough to let it stand. I have an addendum to two to add to this, I will add and post them together. Enjoy.



As referenced, The Monad, Wikipedia-style:

 And more info on The Monad that I found very helpful…

And here is the addendum to this most beautiful, honest and powerful offering above. Here is its explanation:

A shorter video, stands as as an addendum to the previous video, it speaks about my thoughts about karma, and then tells the story I forgot to tell. Please note, this story was a story she was telling about her cherished husband.  And then I forget another story, so, there you go…



As referenced, here’s Maria Bamford. Can’t find the Animal Hoarders bit, but track 16 off her Burning Bridges Tour album is hilarious, as they all are…


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