DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNEL: “Who To Trust” By Kathy Vik 1-5-17

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DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNEL: “Who To Trust” By Kathy Vik 1-5-17

To preface, I want to say that I have videotaped already this morning, and some last night, but nothing has been released since my last offering, “A Strong Message For A Better Year.” I had some problems with that one, because I thought it was too strongly worded. I laugh. After the events of the last seven days, I think it was perfectly worded, and perhaps could have been stronger, actually. In essence, it was just missing a few pieces of information.

That information was given to me two nights ago. I lay in a ball on my bed laughing, after having received it, realizing that the treasure hunt I was sent on over twenty years ago has indeed ended. I know who I am now. I know who The Teachers are now. And I trust my inner wisdom with my very life, now. This will deepen, and it will blossom, but no longer must it be tested.

I have always liked it best when I channel in writing. I have found the information to be sterling, gentle and prescient. I am going to meditate briefly, now, and bring them through. They have been present all morning, working with me and Melissa, working with me, and now it is time to let them run free a little, and fill in the blanks for me, and for those who are following along with interest.

We are gratified to be with you in this manner, and are pleased to be able to offer each who “tune in,” perhaps, a bit of the puzzle, as it, of course, relates to them.

For many we are simply confirming that which you already know, and require no further confirmation to own, to trust, to see as one’s own. And this is a curious development for which we can offer nothing but rousing, joyful, heartfelt cheers.

Long ago, we discussed planetary evolution, also known as ascension, and stated that what normally ensues is a wave form of enlightenment, with one wave reaching back and assisting the next, and then all waves focused on the ones remaining. However, due to many factors which we urge you to believe you already have cellular knowledge of, this planetary ascension, on Earth, is its own new thing, its own revolution, so to speak.

We make the scribe’s heart race with such assertions, but we can assure you that there were enough wrinkles in this Ascension path for Gaia that much has been delivered in the way of revolutionary assist. This is, of course, done with agreement, it is not done against the free will of humanity, but with its wholehearted approval and love.

We wish only, at this juncture, to remind those who are acutely aware of the changes we are describing, that self definition factors heavily into the easy use and pleasurable enjoyment of daily living activities, from here on out. Certainly, this is true in all cases, but never more so than with those whose self-definitions have indeed expanded, some over-night, we say.

What we mean by this is, we ask you allow yourselves responses which are perhaps antithetical to your usually responses. Responses which, to be honest, you perhaps wish you could have been asking all along, but still, now that the opportunity and the actually words are presented to your psyche and to your tongue, we invite you to ease into the speaking of the words which want so very much to travel from heart to throat.

If you are a living master in complete honesty and full accord with your environment, then we salute you and ask you to continue your fine work. There are many, so very many, just taking their first steps into this uncharted world, however, that it bears them the great respect and honor they have earned, to spend but a few more minutes on this.

It is not so much about having an environment, and individuals, smile at you, as you make your way n life. Yes, smiles are far more enjoyable and appropriate to the situation at hand than scowls, but so many have been dependent upon their environment moaning in satisfaction that they have lost the focus which matters more. Are you satisfied? Are you?

What a wonderful thing it is for a human of a warring or heroic nature, to engage in one who is, energetically, in complete opposition to the warrior, the hero’s dreams, goals, abilities, ambitions? What better engine for conflict than to set up an energetic situation where those who need to have harmony lock horns with those who cannot tolerate harmony?

We say there is another way, one which many have worked diligently to realize, a way which is nonetheless a breath away, a thought away, a permission away.

Consider your self, your place, your reason for your birth. This is tricky, and we smile, as we say, this is often in the deepest of self camouflage, and often requires a mirror. In your reality, you often use each other as mirrors, and that these mirrors are in reverse with what is true, well, part of the fun is in learning this, that yes, duality is such a part of things that you call to yourself those whose beings provide stark contrasts to that which you are and contain. If wise, you call to you, into your home and bed, those of like heart, of like polarity. You may then use your lives, and the relative absence or presence of pettiness and of divine love, to tell you how well you have chosen. If you enjoy conflict, perhaps you show this to yourself by finding and destroying peaceful and placid realities and individuals. If you enjoy peace, perhaps you have found the angry and unloving as your playmates. Such is the contrast at hand in this land of duality.

However, what we can assure you is that now is the time for some interesting energetic phenomena to being to occur. We tell you that you may choose whole realities, still, within a moment, within one precious moment, you may switch, move, grow, create brand new worlds. The potency of this energy around you now is not to be dismissed.

Deep within duality, within polarity, and its attendant emotionality, the third way is sometimes not appreciated. Rising above, popping out of and leaping into new territory is what this Now time is for.

To disengage, this requires shifting not only focus but demanding. What, to you, is real? What, to you, is immutable?

Does your mind immediately go to a business issue, a conflicted human relationship, a thwarted desire or a nearly realized goal, or is there more?

We ask you to consider that what is to come, what is now here, is new. Can you truly appreciate what this means? There is no past experience you may check in on to give you a sense of your future competence with this new thing. There is no book, no author has had a chance to write a word, to describe the mechanics and the opportunities of this. Can you trust yourself this much?


This is not a bad thing, you know. It is not unwise to know one’s limits, to their imagination, to their endurance, to their knowledge.

But there is so much more within you that can be trusted!

The one who gets angry when bumped, the one who becomes sad when slighted, the one who becomes disappointed when desires are not realized, this one is not the one who is being asked to provide the goods, and the only trust that is being asked of this one is the trust of that small, inner voice.

This will come to be known as a hallmark of those who are wise. They know to trust something within them which asks them to, at times, do that which may make no sense to on-lookers. There are many who will read these words and smile knowingly, having spent a seemingly challenging life doing just that.

Trusting that which is within, what which has guided you since infancy, and prior, and that which will be embracing you as you take your last breath in this body, this greater knowing can be trusted, and, dare we say it, it should be trusted. Failure to do so makes for more troubles, we say, and we ask, have not most of you had quite enough of troubles?

We leave you in joy, peace, abundance and harmony. These states are dependent neither on circumstance or other individuals. They are entirely dependent upon your willingness to accept them as birthright, imperative and soulsong.

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