Deeply Awake Essay: Thoughts on Recent Expansions and Contractions By Kathy Vik 12-6-16

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A beautiful and packed essay about the expansions occurring lately, and further thoughts on what a contraction is.



As referenced, an interesting post regarding the changing energies, via Lisa Brown.

“Okay, after a massive blast of PURE SOURCE LIGHT running through us all day yesterday & last night, we have a night of weird/bizarre/sleep/clearing old vibrations/timelines huge, then get ready, cuz everything in our NEW REALITIES that are old, will come up to be visible, present to deal with…. there’s going to lots of old programmed realities, not in-alignment with “where you are going” or your new reality come forth…. We are headed into the Solstice and everything that’s gotta go will surface…. it may be lots or just a little, one thing for sure is our NEW CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY STRUCTURES are talking/speaking louder than ever before. They are processing sooooo differently, they are responding for us and any emotional anything… well the body won’t tolerate much /anything without going into overload in these frequencies here. Our new nervous system works much differently than before. Our SPINE runs the show and our head/heart, any lower vibrational thoughts/emotions/interactions will send the body into overload instantly and “out the back of our spine” an instant release… then the body is done, can’t process/do…

So, you gotta pay attention to what your body is speaking, what it’s doing/showing you. Now little subtleties can trigger a huge cellular release…. as our bodies are “pushing out” a ridiculous amount of old cellular imprints after yesterday’s blast. The heart is deeply affected today, being opened futher huge.

I’m having to nip lots in the bud again, say no a whole lot and require others have the same respect we do for ourselves… or let them go their merry way….

Things I tolerated before or kept compromising on a little…. no more. Our higher consciousness bodies won’t allow it…. (p.s. “All of a sudden”, we are clearing a huge collective energy of lack of respect and manipulation. This requires “no” a whole lot for human aspects that have not achieved this within themselves yet. We can be love and say no…. So if you find this in your reality, maybe this will help.)

Today is deep cellular cleansings/release…. there is alot going on, always. These “frazzle & fry” our circuits if we are not careful. We can overload/over stimulate way too fast, so breathe if you find things to be “too much” and step back/pull away…. re-focus, get your head on straight and deal with anything that comes up for you to deal with, as love, but strong love… no….. It’s not loving to you if you are compromising you.

The energy is beyond peaceful, beautiful and pristine… tune into this………. always exquisite when you just allow yourself to BE and move from ‘this space’ intentionally……..

I love you! Have a most exquisite day! I shall be doing the same thing too! Slamming as usual. It’s a packed week, so I’ll post where I can. Open your hearts fully……… and get ready! ♥”

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼




As referenced, here is Lee Carroll/Kryon’s latest recording, from Newport, California, entitled, “When The Butterfly Flaps…”

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