The FaceBook Post That Triggered Today’s Videos…

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Deeply Awake On The Fly…

This show, Contact, for me, it’s only a few minutes long…

Though John Hurt’s delicious grin, when he playfully growls, “Wanna take a ride?” is a scene stealer, for me the important stuff starts at 1:50:40.

It is an external Merkahbah. I’ve not recently spoken about this scene, its accuracy, its content, and its historical relevance to we human beings. Although fascinating, I don’t think it’s as important as what is revealed within.

My eyes leak and I giggle and sigh involuntarily until she gets plopped down in the receiving net at 2:10:00. It’s accurate, and it’s within each of us.

Let me repeat that. It’s within each of us. No exceptions. That and so much more.

I love when she is simply overcome, and says “No words, no words. They should have sent a poet. It’s so beautiful.” That’s my favorite part.

I hadn’t seen this since all the big stuff started for me in 2012, but now, after everything I’ve experienced, seen, felt, witnessed, been given, disbelieved, tested and, finally, accepted, (while dutifully reporting as I went) I just shake my head in wonder…

Here we have a true, accurate cinematic gem that only passed as sci-fi (the storyline and acting are just awful, but so what, imho) to look at anytime we want.

It’s so accurate, if just a tiny bit mechanistic, but still, my God, this is the real deal.

And within each of us. The means of travel. The destinations. The wonder. The love. The knowledge. The infinite. The beauty. That and so very much more.

It has a name.

Many names, actually.

Ascension. DNA Activation. Samahdi. Buddahood. Gaia Consciousness. Planetary Consciousness. Christ Consciousness. Krishna Consciousness. Dimensional shift. Age of Aquarius. Alignments. The Quickening. The Three Waves. Many names, though it’s what I know as ascension.

No machinery required, but what a ride!

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