Deeply Awake Blended CHANNEL: New Beginnings And Its Companion, Completion By Kathy Vik 11-8-16

Image result for ascension energies

A long and quite compelling (and funny) essay that includes thoughts about election eve, self care, being in full appreciation for self in a brand new way, and thoughts on relationship.

The channel discusses differences and similarities, self esteem, completion and ascension. A very enjoyable hour of viewing!

I am truly proud of not only this recording, but the work that it represents, a lifetime of application, reflection, experimentation and drive to understand and love what’s going on around here.

Delicious, this one…


And, as referenced, especially for those upset at what looks like a fucked-up four to eight years of political and social brutality and upheaval, Kryon’s channeling about the Recalibration of Dark and Light.

Trust me, you’ll feel better once you hear this…

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