Deeply Awake ESSAY: A Declaration’s Gifts Are Delivered By Kathy Vik 10-29-16

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One of the most powerful and beautiful essays I have ever done, this is an explanation of how I use declarations, how I use energetics to create and understand reality. The content has to do with socialization, being both participant and observer, and so many other things. I feel like it is a gift to others, this recording, and I hope you find it helpful and healing.




As referenced…


And the link for the written version of “Turn the Light Toward Self,” written in April of 2014:


3 thoughts on “Deeply Awake ESSAY: A Declaration’s Gifts Are Delivered By Kathy Vik 10-29-16

  1. When you said what is it that pushes people away from you, Now it was strange because I was looking at you and thinking the exact opposite as it goes. 100% true I don’t tell lies. Look I just seriously feel I have to say to you if you mix with people you will get what you want. Seriously your sound and I’m not just saying that. trust me , this isn’t meant to make you feel better. This is telling you the truth exactly as it was running through my mind, exactly what I was thinking. If I can see that, think that, feel that, be drawn to that. THEN SO CAN OTHERS. FACT !!!!!!!!

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  2. A month or so ago, it hit me hard like a bolt of lightning iright in my head: Practically all human interaction is based on/through projection. This creates emotion, predominantly negative emotion, and judgement of oneself and the other, and thus perpetuating the illusion of separation in all eternety. However. The very moment we stop projecting and start to own our own energy, and – equally in measure – not letting others project on us and invade our energy, things start to take a whole different turn.

    The fundament of this system of negative emotion, projecting and judging is our (mental/psychological) programming that takes place from the moment we are born and throughout our life. It is this that is part of the Matrix and it is this that constitutes parts of our internal prison, our slavery, our loosing/giving away our power. We project and we judge, and so we live our whole lives in the illusion of our own programming, ie the illusion of us being separated from eachother. Hence spiritual work is really predominantly emotional, psychological and working with our thoughts. And so, being truthful and authentic to ourselves and others is absolute key in order to discover the state of our own thoughts, emotions and consequently projections.

    Overcoming our own particular programming (projecting and judging) and get our ego undone is what it all comes down to. This is where our natal horoscope, our cosmic or soulular contract or agreement that we made before incarnating can come in handy. This is where we can search for clues to understand our own particular programming and what kind of work we took upon ourselves to do in this lifetime to get the ego undone, stop projecting, and judging and finally start to step into our own power and realise that we are all one. We are all parts of the same light, the same Source, the same consiousness. We are all light, love and truth.

    I love you Kathy. What a wonderful work you are doing.

    I have a question to you, if you would like to answer. It is short and concise: Would you refer to God as a “he”?

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  3. Oh My Source – you did it again, dear soul! It’s as if I’d written this one as well… have always felt this way, too, yet only in the last year or so did I realize it and was able to articulate it. Just another manner in which I feel we are kindred spirits 🙂
    Again, thank you for what you are doing for everyone, for putting your truth and true self out there in such a candid and inspiring and selfless approach.
    Did you receive my email, from “Titanium”? I do not have Facebook, and wrote you a couple weeks ago or so…

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