Deeply Awake Blended CHANNEL: Applied Energetics, With A Talk From The Ancients By Kathy Vik 10-16-16

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A discussion of applied energetics, how the energy has changed, from neutral to actively seeking to a new place. The Channel begins spontaneously at 12:18, and The Ancients come out (it felt odd…) begins at 20:52, and at 21:16 they get into full swing. At 21:36, the Teachers comment on a different energy they are noticing as they speak, and it’s true the body felt different, but it’s cool, I think, how they sort of shiver through it too.

There is, in this discussion, lots of talk about patterns, chaos, geometrics, all in application, as it applies to our genetics, and how our consciousness has been positioned, and the changes occurring now, for us as a species. The visuals I was receiving were stunning, just so beautiful.

At 30:55, they close by discussing the idea of soul groups and soul families. I like their way of putting things.

P.S. There is a wispy thing that appears (camera) left going up, right by my neck, very fast, but there if you know when and where to look. 29:06.





As referenced, first a very good video of cymatics, and then a lovely video of Deva Premal and Miten, as they perform the Gayatri. Around 7:00, I was stunned to see the same patterns I often see while sitting in Kirtan. We get a vortex going, I always thought, and then, watching this beautiful video, that’s actually true, the same stuff as what is on the video as it really gets going. Anyhow, enjoy…







And, for the word-lovers among us, here is a good site for info on the word “impeccable.”

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