Readings of Descriptions of Ascension Energies Which I Was Blessed To Know on May 25, 2012 By Kathy Vik 7-18-16


This blog entry is a true “coming out” for me, because there are many readers, viewers, friends and even family, who do not know about these events. It is something I haven’t talked all  that freely about with many, though I am slowly getting over my reluctance.

I used to keep it under wraps, concerned others would judge themselves for not having had such an experience. However, I think I’m doing this now because I have met others who have had similar experiences, many of them while in a full-blown Near Death Experience (NDE), and I realize that not publishing this information diminishes a now lively discussion many are having with Their God.

It is done to really bring home  what is going on with me, and with SO MANY OTHERS, and these pieces are not only beautiful but stand up, four years later, because the event, and the aftermath, defy easy explanation, categorization or comprehension. Enjoy…


First, a discussion of the effect my essay on my disaster-y night, and then a discussion of another HUGE vagal response I had last night after I listened to the video reading of “A Special Graduation,” in which I found myself on the floor after a major activation, when I had a forceful loss of consciousness

First, a short video about how I was triggered with a Vagal Response while listening to the video, “A Special Graduation,” last night. I recap and add to my little essay on a social disaster first, and then at approx 4:35, I explain about having been activated, and what that was like, last night after having done the reading below…




A reading of my in-the-moment report of something that I have always called ‘my conversion,’ and what I, at the time, deemed my ascension. It is entitled , “A Special Graduation: May 25, 2012.” I was visited by Divine Light and Love that day, and was asked to make a decision whether I was going to stay here on Earth or not, while at a casino…



The companion essay which fleshes out the event which occurred to me on May 25, 2012, from an essay called “Home,” written in October of 2012. Turly one of the most beautiful and heartfelt pieces of consciousness shift reporting ever…



A video about Vagal Nerve Activation/Stimulation in the ascension process. I feel better about this, now that I have met another human being who has also experienced similar events consciously…




One thought on “Readings of Descriptions of Ascension Energies Which I Was Blessed To Know on May 25, 2012 By Kathy Vik 7-18-16

  1. Reblogged this on Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake and commented:

    It’ll be six years in 3 days!
    This compilation of videos is a really fun and, frankly, unbelievable yet palpably, physically experienced description of spiritual awakening, samadhi, rapture, but what I know as and term the unified field, which I know as my creator and family.


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