Deeply Awake ESSAY: Variations on Self Worth By Kathy Vik 7-9-16


A fun, funny and self-revealing (as always) discussion of the changes I have been having lately. The discussion of course includes some pretty esoteric info, thoughts on how greater self-worth feels, and a sharing of life lessons others have given and are giving me. Also discussed are some of the more esoteric things that are going on within family structure, especially grand- and great-gp’s roles

3 thoughts on “Deeply Awake ESSAY: Variations on Self Worth By Kathy Vik 7-9-16

  1. Thanks for the words, sister. Needed ‘ em today. Ps i responded to your resident higher life form a few times thinking it was mine ” meow” ” what’s up Buddy?” :0)
    Pps Dorks Rawk ! Xo
    Ppps I love you

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  2. Oh Miss Kathy!
    I’ve ‘followed’ you since Galactic Free Press days – when were those? 2010??? As poster TruthBeTold, I encouraged you to return to writing when I didn’t see your posts for some time, and you answered me – it was in 2012 or so???
    I’ve always felt such a connection to you, even more now that you have videos…. aside from me not having the ability to channel, I feel so much of our journeys and personalities and perspectives are similar… you make me laugh, tear up a bit, give me goosebumps… your way with words is nothing short of phenomenal… your intelligence, facial expressions and wide-open heart-sharing draws me in like the proverbial moth to a flame and has had me checking daily for new posts for quite some time… the disappointment is heavy when there’s not one!
    I would LOVE the chance to meet you in person. I have more to share, but not here on a public forum.
    If you’re so inclined, and have the time, please contact me via my email 🙂

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    • Feel free to friend me on facebook so we can pm, or you can email me at your comment made me sooooo full, so happy, so contented, so proud, so much better. Thank you for reaching out. It meant the world to me. ❤


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