Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Living Sculptures of High Art By Kathy Vik 7-7-16

A beautiful channel which talks about changing diets, changing perceptions, and changing reality. They talk about how “trying” is part of the mix, and how true it is that there are no punishments around here, in the end. Also discussed is the dream state, and they let me have a physical/full body, heart and mind glimpse at one of my favorite things, that amazing stuff I call “white noise.” Truly a beautiful channel. I hope you feel as good as I do, after watching it.

Part One of Four of the Near Death Experience Panel that blew the lid off my consciousness this last May. It was just amazing to hear others’ stories, so very similar, and so very different from mine, but that we all knew of the same place, the same unified field. In these tapes is Adam, the one who The Teachers are referring, in the video above. And there’s my friend Rex’s face! Yay!  Enjoy…

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