Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Reincarnation By Kathy Vik 7-5-16

Below the video by my group are two powerful discussions about the soul, reincarnation and such, from Kryon.

A deep and light talk on such things as how one’s life can be impacted significantly by how one hold’s one’s beliefs around death, soul continuity, reincarnational realities, and the concept of multiplicity. There are many of the standard questions about reincarnation answered, and it is a fun and intense look at two strikingly different stances of consciousness.

As referenced above. The work Lee Carroll/Kryon does regarding multiplicity, soul reality and reincarnation is profound, and found under “soul” titles, for the most part…..

Kryon’s newest message for Humanity regarding Soul Stewardship. Amazing information, my friends… it is such a relief to Be Here NOW!!!

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