Deeply Awake: The Human Side of Intuition By Kathy Vik 7-2-16

As a companion to this essay, I have included one of the most POWERFUL Kryon recordings I have encountered, about being, becoming and really being an integrated, peaceful and compassionate intuitive… where we are all headed, btw….. It is below my video.

A longer discussion from a highly intuitive person, discussing what it feels like to have intuitive thoughts, how intuition is “crazy making” sometimes, and why intuition is all about becoming a more responsible, kind and loving person.

There is talk, too, about how to integrate an intuitive reality with the body, so that there is coherence and a lowered sense of self doubt, as well as talk about acceptance of body, self and others as whole, beautiful and well worth compassionate thought and action.

As well, there are many tips for how to become more aware of one’s natural intuitive nature, and how being compassionate toward self and others is the way to make a more intuitive life a happy one.

Lee Carroll and Kryon’s incredible 2016 recording of where intuition is going for humanity.

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