Deeply Awake ESSAY: What “They” Mean To Me By Kathy Vik 7-1-16

An essay my team asked me to do on what “they” mean to me, in my life and heart. It is very honest and pretty, and may help to answer questions readers and viewers have about me.

One thought on “Deeply Awake ESSAY: What “They” Mean To Me By Kathy Vik 7-1-16

  1. Sweet sweet Kathy, how the sight of you, and your words stir up warm and glowing feelings in my heart!

    I too love to fly. The sight of the ever shining light up there. And on days without clouds, when you get to look down all the way down to our beautiful planet from high up above. I didnt get to do it too many times in my life, but when I did, I always made sure I’d get to sit by the window, and feeling like a little girl I just kept looking out of the window, feeling like my eyes never wants to stop looking and looking and looking at all the gorgeousness, and like drink, drink with my eyes, of all of the beauty I see.

    I have been away from your blog for some time, even though I returned one or two times to watch a few clips. I would say I have been quite busy dealing with all the constantly thrown hard curveballs of life I guess. So many things that keep happening in life, it is at times just surreal how incredibly hard it can be. Life happens. It just keeps happening. I feel like life as I know it revolvs around a big sturdy drilling machine, that keeps drilling and drilling relentlessly, and you just have to keep moving down, down, down to the bottom of it all.

    I am learning to trust the flow, the experience, the journey that I supposedly took upon myself to make. That everything happens for a reason. That I dont have to be afraid. That I will arrive safely at home one day. When Im done here. It is so hard to live, so often, and more times than not I wonder if I am going to make it at all – but in the safe haven of retrospect I allways come to the conclusion that I would never want it any other way than just the way it is.

    I have met Gaia. It is just a feeling in my heart. A feeling. Only recently I realised she is there. Like a vibration. Like a vibration of love. I would say. I feel her in my being. I return to that feeling whenever I can. I have never before felt the tender, unconditional, loving energy that she gives. I am in awe that she was there all the time?! I never knew. I feel her in my heart, and I have to stop and pinch my arm to know that I am not dreaming or just engaging in wishful thinking. Is it wishful thinking? Is it real? As you also said in one of your beatiful videos, many weeks ago. Is it real? I find all the comfort my broken heart needs in her. She is just really something else. I cant wait to keep learning about her, to see how my journey and my relationship with her will unfold. Or am I just dreaming?

    Thank you for being authentic Kathy! Being authentic is the way I roll too. Anything else really confuses me and makes me feel unreal, and I do not know of any other way of life. Never have. But it has also made life really challenging of course. being an empath – constantly living with other peoples emotions (as well as my own) and seeing through their facades, their made up stories about life, covering up their fears with masks of untruth. I sometimes struggle to find the strength to go out in the world, today more than ever, and I prefer to stay in solitude. It takes so much strength being out there, being less and less able to fake it and seeing more and more of peoples facades. I suppose it is a most natural part of the evolution.

    It is a rebel way of life. Indeed. To live in authenticity. It is not the easiest way to live here on earth, all systems being made up to match the frequency of the fear of not being loved, the fear of separation, the illusion that we are separated. Being authentic means taking risks that just might be huge. even though today the energies support us in being authentic in a new way, and so it gets easier and easier. I know the world needs the light of truth and authenticity and now is the time to shine your light of truth, and that this is our future and that this is why we are here, and that the future is now. And yet my hand tremble as I write these words in fear that all this… this intuition or feeling I have about this glorious future of light and truth, that this is not real. That it is just my wishful thinking… It is my hope that it is true. We are doing it. We are actually doing it. And in all this, you are a true beacon of light spreading your words all over the world

    We hold eachothers space in love, when we live in authenticity. I long, long, LONG for the day when the world is free from the bondage of untruth! ❤

    Would you say that… we are renegade members of the family of Light? Systems busters, available for altering systems of consciousness within the free will universe? And on call… I am not sure about it, but I think that maybe I would…

    Sending you my deep respect and gratitude from Sweden. I love you!

    Love E.

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