Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Our Thoughts On Human Intuition By Kathy Vik 7-2-16

A beautiful channel that quickly goes into profoundly loving thoughts on how capable and beautiful human beings, reminding them of “the web” they are a part of, as well as how aware and capable they are from birth, as well as how to make things easier, when intuition strikes.

Their contention is that every human being is intuitive, due to their origin and purpose, and that by virtue of being here, as a human being, we have access to so much more help than we realize. They talk about intuition, synchronicity, guidance, discernment,  and using self as instrument through listening, within.

A powerful Kryon channel which talks of DNA activation, ending karma, what the Merkahbah is,  how “aha moments” or epiphanies change your DNA and everything that follows such sacred moments.


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