Kryon’s Message to All Humanity About The New Energy, DNA Changes, Intuition and Lemurian Culture

“You’re in the right place at the right time. It’s about that which is the light and dark quotient of the planet, and you. It’s about the fact that you’re winning. And that’s why I came. Because it’s hard to talk to those who are winning, when they’ve never won before, and they have a consciousness of loss. That’s what you’re working on. Stand tall when you leave this place, and know who you are. The message of Kryon never changes. It’s inside. That’s where the creative source is, and has always been, and you’ve got it.”


Here’s an open invitation to anyone who has never sat down and listened to a Kryon recording, but who reads or watches my stuff, or knows me and is curious about how and why I tick as I do, if you have any interest, take it, and slip in some earphones. This is a very well constructed discussion that is both highly esoteric (he does assume the audience knows a couple things but just play along…)

He even talks about the noise I have always complained about, and I am living proof it’s quieter. Its just amazing, and a lot of fun, if you’re into that sort of thing. Jam-packed full of HELP for ALL HUMANITY, because he is talking about how things are evolving, and the weirdness that is afoot, what we are all feeling, oddly enough.

It’s freaka Gold.

This is a recording that is an echo of huge proportion. It confirms much of the work I have done, the stuff I have been experiencing, and channeling, over the last few months.

He is talking about the conference of shamanic energies to the female, in the beginning, (The Teachers talk about that as just a given), the magnetic grid, DNA, and how light is more powerful, why things are shifting, how they are shifting, talking about the old days, when we had our teachers here.All about gender balance, common sense, honoring and holding women in true balance, and what gender balance dysfunction is a tracer for lower consciousness, and how this is changing, due to our willingness, intent and permission to shift.

This is just amazing…. blessings be!

Oh, yes, even the beloved Lemurian ways, and how our lives are changing, as our DNA changes. Lots and lots for all, here.

Hits it all pitch perfect. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Holy mother of god.


OK, there’s my invite. Enjoy. (Cue to 2:23 to jump to Kryon’s voice)

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