Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Fearlessness By Kathy Vik 6-25-16

A moving and profound discussion of a healing which occurred during a phone call. The Teachers discuss such things as communication styles, how to live more fearlessly and in greater love. Also discussed are how the new energy, personal expressive preference and the power of emotions can be discovered, explored and applied toward reality construction, the result being greater inner peace.

At 17:44, an amazing shift starts, and things get really powerful, in regard to creating our own realities, and just feels so good….. And then, at 22:00, The Ancient Ones come out and play. They are talking about the new energy, and how it is being translated into our everyday reality, DNA activation and stuff. But, they resolve into how to get along with one another, as always.

They cycle The Ancients are talking about is part of the current Grand Cross pass, a cyclic energy which can be seen in social and intrapersonal fractals of consciousness and behavior. They are referring to what they have indicated is a 15 year cycle, though that doesn’t seem exact enough for me. I don’t know, but they’ve been banging the drum about it lately.

A conversation they are having for and about Old Souls, finding their way through The New Normal.

A helpful definition:

The word impeccable has been used in English since at least 1531. It derives from the Latin wordimpeccabilis, a combination of the Latin prefix in-, meaning “not,” and the verb peccare, meaning “to sin.” Peccare has other descendents in English. There is peccadillo, meaning “a slight offense,” and peccant, meaning “guilty of a moral offense or simply “faulty.” There is alsopeccavi, which comes from Latin, where it literally means “I have sinned,” and which is used in English as a noun meaning “an acknowledgment of sin.”

As referenced:

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