DEEPLY AWAKE: “Fin” By Kathy Vik 6-14-16


By Kathy Vik 6-14-16

This will be brief, because there is not much to say, but it must be said with care, and with mindfulness. I know, after all, what it is I am about to say.

I started Deeply Awake over four years ago. The work is complete on my tumblr site, and I hope one day that will be available to people, as it houses each and every piece of my original work.

I wrote Deeply Awake in order to get clear about the changes that were happening within me. I was a writer by birth, and when it came time to explore what was going on, I took to the pen, and to writing in light. That always thrills me, writing directly onto the web, but this, this is writing in light, too, turning thoughts to keystrokes, in a program which saves the words and allows me to look back, and see just what I have done, and what I was thinking as I was doing it, during a time of truly epic changes within a soul, a core, a psyche, a life.

I could tell you about the details of what I have been shown, what I now know to be true, but, I think there comes a time for me to simply own it, know it, and smile because it’s within me, speaking through me, moving and soothing and informing me. What must be said, if you can smell it in my presence, and feel it in my words, in whatever form they reach you, this fine day, after all?

To declare a project truly complete, the writer in me must have something that doesn’t flare up, doesn’t create obsession, and doesn’t tickle. Such is the case with me and Deeply Awake. I simply do not want to write in that way anymore. I don’t want to.

I have cried that out, about nursing, about tortured, fucked up relationships, about many things, and now, anymore, I don’t have to get to the body-twisting-on-a-bed-of-nails to allow myself release. Nope. I am creating it. I know when I am done. I know I am done. I am done. It’s like that.

So, Deeply Awake is complete.

Ha! A four year project! Who would have thought?

I will start a new blog, and let Deeply Awake stand. I will add channelings to DA as I see fit, and I am not going to say I won’t check in, but merely, from now on, as a visitor. Stopping by to say hi, not an active participant anymore.

My next project is a book entitled Random Word Generator. I will be using my website to give you samples, but I am doing this old school, writing and then publishing. Partly because my current audience has no idea just who has been their companion, in some respects.

For those who have been following along, you know that I am a writer, but unless you are a geek follower, you haven’t read my fiction, and very few have had access to my other voices, darker ones, disturbing ones, moving ones, and highly erotic ones. Yes, dear ones, this master is also a master at erotica.

So, I will allow myself to express again. I will do so when and how it feels best. I may develop a new blog site just for this purpose. I don;t know yet. It’s still germinating. But I am going to my social event tonight something else, something new, something simply more than I was.

A writer with two projects complete. A novelist. An essayist. And soon to be a short fiction writer.

My identity of writer is a central one to me. It has demanded my honesty, my native intelligence, my curiosity and my passion. It has rewarded me, when I have allowed it.

So, thank you, dear reader, for allowing me into your life, into your heart, into your changing world, but let me stand not as authority, but as enthusiastic lover of all, a free spirit, an old soul, a writer.

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