Deeply Awake BLEND: Finally Fully Relaxed, And Deeply Awake By Kathy Vik 6-13-16

A beautiful blended message, first with me explaining how I know this thing is now complete, having this permanent feeling within and without the last couple days, and then a beautiful message from The Old Ones, so gentle, so pure, so reassuring, so helpful. I loved how they ended it… “It’s Done.” WOW.

In a longer channel, they told me that this garden where the work was done overnight grows what is required. What flashed in my mind were vegetables, which I don’t like very much. They said out loud, “Dear one, what is required is a feast. It is well overdue, we would say. Consider it on its way, dear one.” I wanted to make sure you knew, expect your own good things soon!”



And, as referenced in high channel, “The New Human,” from Kryon/Lee Carroll. The Council recommends listening to Day 2 first, then Day 1. They really helped me a lot. Very, very normalizing!!!

And, here for your enjoyment, is my first video in this project, called “Embodiment.”

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