Deeply Awake- CHANNEL: “Let’s Talk About Ascension!” By Kathy Vik 6-8-16


For some reason, this picture seems perfect for The Teachers. I know them to be kindly and funny and unpretentious and serious and loving. Maybe this photo describes to your eyes what I feel in my heart when I hear them explain things which have long ridden with me as questions.
A funny, light, and yet super deep talk The Teachers come out and give… they wanted to do the channel today that they would  given their first group of interested people.

Replete with a power surge/black out of the camera, and quite a phenomenal light show.

During taping, no electronics made light. An alarm goes off at one point, but phone is dark.


And, here is Lee Carroll/Kryon’s channeling of Five In A Circle, for those interested in this process you are watching, and how everyone is aware in their own way, and expressing in their own way, each perfect, each beautiful, each supportive, each benevolent.


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