Deeply Awake In Review, For Interested Readers

Just for fun, tonight I reviewed my old work, on Ascension Field Notes, and I found some of that internal arguing, one consciousness with another, but so much profound beauty and depth, in these essays,and reports of some really sparkly weird stuff, too. It dawned on me you might not know I have a different website, one I worked on during a time of shift, in between projects, so to speak.

The time of AFN was during a time, for me, of full on recalibration, and of the wobbles. In-depth exploration, having finally found a voice and some confidence, and so much more ease within the joy that writing in this way provided me. This full range of expression, and my innate literary risk-taking is fully evident,  as I am getting my legs under me, and writing at great length about things.

If interested, please take a look. Also here is the link for my novel, Patrick Hears Voices, and once again, the links for my big-ass libraries, available on lightworkers and tumblr.



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