Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Relieving Distress Energetically, and Discovering Your Well Of Compassion By Kathy Vik 5-30-16





The Council Has a Few Words, In Summary, For The Curious:

Below is Master Kryon’s astoundingly clear work on the quantum nature of mood and behavioral states, presented appropriately as The Physics Of Consciousness, The Consciousness Of Physics, at this point, they are one and the same, WE say.

The channel from Deeply Awake and The Council Of Twelve, if you want to call us that,  further amplifies, describes and explains these Physics in behavioral and mood state terms, real life, day to day stuff, step by step, always bringing everything home to daily life, and the relief of inner (and outer) distress.

This is done while also explaining morphogenic fields as magnetic fields of consciousness, and that behaviors, mood states, thoughtforms, belief structures, and a trebling into (as you see there is simple progression)  egoic patterning, and finally, energetic stance within any given reality, generate probability and agreement fields, and that  these are the behavioral and mood manifestations of states of consciousness, of awareness, of constrictive or expansive realities, WE say.

This theory is further borne out and amplified in the great work already realized and applied with curative outcomes, by Mr. (and WE say Master) Enrique Bouron, and those whose shoulders he rides on, physicians who opened the field of quantum healing through understanding how the Innate speaks to the individual, and what the individual holds within, comprehended by Bouron and others as biological coding This coding is more linked to the study of DNA and genetics than is currently being pursued, but will one day be, WE are anticipating.

Although neither he nor Rupert Sheldrake are credited in this channel, they deserve crediting here.They have been credited in past changelings, which were done to allow incremental, gentle, but WE say, quite rapid realization and complete integration of this theory, within the physical vehicle. Reference the early ascension videos and then other videos talking about a big thing that happened, and homecoming, such like that, to get a feel for how all that happened, WE say, ok?) Each of these scientists and thinkers, the writer happily included in this lot, have moved the ball very far down the playing field, toward the goal of one day allowing those who wish to heal, to do so rapidly ( per ability and intent, willingness and natural bent, among other factors) but, no matter how long, to heal quite fully and completely, through incremental progression in states of consciousness.

There is much on the subatomic level which can and should be applied to this work, but, this channel is a good place to start, the one below, and the one that then follows. They tickle things, and they help, WE posit. Give it a whirl, if you’re curious. Stop reading if you’re not. It is a simple choice, is it not? But, WE say, there is magic and there is fun and there is the Future in the trying on something new,.

A new thought is fun, every now and then.

The work of Master Kryon  leads quite naturally to the study known as Coherence, which WE have been presenting incrementally to you, the viewer and on looker, and WE are certain you may begin to understand the value of a more comprehensive, respectful and cooperative integration of the established Sciences, as they all become a bit more heart-based, as a result of this curious shift occurring in humanity’s willingness to think more fluidly and softly, as they demonstrate their own curiosity and willingness to try new things on for size.

This Deeply Awake channel can stand as a way to demonstrate the integrative and helpful, and curiously healing ways in which these studies can come together to actually soothe and guide people who are ready for this kind of teaching, as well as those who are “in the shit,” as the writer  has come to call it, a state she knows very well. So, to her, and to the ones who are ready or willing, we say, “Welcome Home.”

To all others, we say Namaste.

And here are my liner notes…

An absolutely phenomenal channel about mood states, thought patterns, morphogenic/magnetic fields, altering perspective to gain compassionate awareness, but how all of this might apply to a human being deep in the shit. They made all of it so easily understandable, and hanging with it was well worth the time, for me, anyway. It was a pretty amazing energy blowing through me this afternoon. They now how to handle me when I get belligerent, haha.

They discuss the technique of seeing life as story, and give some beautiful examples which I really want to remember to apply. I think I will be reviewing this one, from time to time, is all I’m saying.

I think it’s really funny, but didn’t at the time, when they volunteered me as the example, but I’m more than ok with it now. It shows, the level of resistance I still put up, how they work with me on that, how they answer questions and help me see things, and all of this, I do indeed give permission for.

I think it helps, to know what it’s like, and have been, for a long time, wanting to do an essay on what it is like to be in the middle of all this, as the one “riding point,” as I like to say. So, have at it, it’s a fine example of how they guide, soothe and instruct me, and, by so doing, how they love and protect me.

I am really pleased, and more than a little shocked, in a way, that this came from me. I am proud of our work. I don’t feel anything but good things, pushing the “Publish” button today, and that is a great feeling, too. No fear, no apprehension, no wondering if it’s ok to have spoken my piece. Wowie Zowie, Batman!

And So, Let The Channeling Extravaganza Begin!



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