BRASS BALL BURNERS EVENT THIS WEEKEND, Open Invite to Smile, Celebrate and Create!

This group of people is so beautiful, and we are hoping you might be moved to join us this weekend. It’s an all weekend long thing, come pretty, come ready to be relaxed and expressive and loved, and have a great time…

Hey, fb friends, there’s a party happening, and I’ll be there, dressed real pretty and doing readings for a love donation. There’s going to be so much fun there, consider joining us, k?

There’ll be burlesque and boylesque (yum), yoga, expression, artistic endeavors of all kinds, fun and general rabble rousing, most likely…

Here’s my blurb, and fb posts on all of the details, baby….

“Ever had your cards read by somebody funny, wise and deep? Ever wanted to delve a little into the symbology, with a beer in your hand and excitement in your heart? Readings are fun, they don’t have to be scary, and they lead to all kinds of treasures. Get a quick one and decide if you want more. Kathy is an open channel, has been a tarot reader thirty years, and can smile, cry and laugh with you as you discover your own hidden treasures, all while hanging at a cool party”

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