Deeply Awake CHANNELS: Epilogue and Introduction By Kathy Vik By Kathy Vik 5-26-16

I have two gifts to give you, from Kryon. The first is a rare channel about our family, the cetaceans, my loved ones here, part of me, part of you, partners in the plan.

But, even more important to me is this… it is the channel about the miners. My final channel talks of it, and they have been talking to me about this event a lot, here lately.

This message, about the 33, is so beautiful, so central to all of us, and what we are doing here, now.

And here is the website of a woman who works with this group in physical reality, to translate and explain the profundity and beauty of the Kryon and their great love and assistance given so perfectly and in such great integrity. There are many many photos of the site of the miners, on her web site. Thank you, Monika for all your beautiful work.

2013 Kryon Kundalini Tour

I want to give you this morning’s message from me, more integrated and happy than I have ever been. Then, I am posting last night’s PROFOUND and sweet message from ancients I had not yet encountered. Then, finally, a new channeling, from this morning, completing this message, and by so doing, completing my process, so I may walk into my new life having given gifts I know are beautiful, timeless, and can, will and do stand as my soul’s song, my reason for showing up, and permission to begin again.

OK, Here we go…….

& & & & & & & & & & & & &

Deeply Awake ESSAY: Epilogue and Introduction By Kathy Vik

A final explanation, a good bye to an active process, and thoughts on a future so bright, I’m wearing shades, baby!!!


& & & & & & & & & & & & &

Deeply Awake CHANNEL: An Ancient Speaks By Kathy Vik 5-25-16

An old one came out late at night and dropped such love and energy, I am still reeling.
Enjoy this gift, please.


and then, a final transmission, from today, a channeling, gathering it all together and commenting on things, giving me, and you, hope and a high five…

& & & & & & & & & & & & &

Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Final Transmission Regarding Our New Reality

A beautiful channel about my purpose, our purpose and the next part of my work.

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