Deeply Awake BLENDED: It’s A Punch Line By Kathy Vik 5-26-16

2014-05-27 20.01.16

A profound, moving and laugh out loud funny talk on the cosmic jokes implied and stated, on this path called, by some of the cool kids, “ascension.”
Enjoy, if you’re into that kind of thing.
P.S. Toilet humor and Jesus Jokes dead ahead.

But, let’s loosen things up by listening to a little Bill Hicks first. “Look at my furrows of worry….”


And now, about an hour of a loose, funny, profound and relaxed person, taking about things she loves more than anything, consciousness, love, and her beloveds, YOU.



And, just because I’m a badass and I like the naughty stuff… “I ain’t for that walk.” Ahh, so much FUN. Sang with joy and glee, and So MUCH LOVE. Just… just deal with it, or walk away, that would be ok, too,  or, you could just get up , put on a sloppy grin, loosen up and dance. Yep. You could do that too….. And  I like that best….


The Tornado Lady 😉

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