Deeply Awake ESSAY: Signing Off By Kathy Vik 5-24-16

First, I want to share a very important message that Master Kryon gave at the end of 2015, which explains a lot about the work you have seen me do these last several weeks, the last several years, and, truth be told, since I was a wee one. Please, I invite you to please listen, it helps with the disbelief. Trust me on this one. They don’t say ascension. They talk about WayShowers. I like it. It’s nice…

And, then, for the ones who know we are riding the tip of the spear, and it’s one helluva ride, this is for us. A special gift they gave us just this month. ❤

Deeply Awake ESSAY: Signing Off By Kathy Vik 5-24-16

A final essay, completing this project, reviewing the reasons the project must conclude, and why it was necessary, compelling and beautiful.


Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Love And Parable By Kathy Vik 5-24-16

Their amplification of what has been expressed, and their forever love, from and through me, for me, for all, for especially you.





The picture above not what I see, but it will do. When I see myself, my Self, I am white flame, so soft, it’s just impossible… with gold defining the ends of the flames, living, swirling, so so so loving, and then, violet tips. I also see pure white, geometries which astound, and sing and are rock solid, stable, secured, and free in ways which defy simple explanation. I have gone through many pages of images to find something close, and it just isn’t there. But, this white, and the circuits, though so old and therefore not truly descriptive, they help to explain, I hope,to you, the joy I feel in knowing who I am, what I am, and more, that

I am that I am that I am.

I love you, each of you, far more than you know. Believe that or not. It is my truth, now and forever more.

And so, I choose to let them say good bye to you, and to help me step into a reality long in its dormancy, forever my reality, realized now, in good and true council and fellowship, so willing and eager to share such as I have, looking forward now, finally, to the happiness I so richly deserve and have kept at bay, simply because it just wasn’t time yet.

It’s Now Time.


Signed, Kathy Vik, Deeply Awake, The Council Of Twelve.

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