Deeply Awake: Activation City By Kathy Vik 5-21-16

We begin with Kryon, and his parable of Wo… His voice begins at 3:30, and as I learned last night, and know is true today, every single word is true,for me, for my soul, for my expression,  now.  Every. Single. Word.




What follows are two HIGHLY ACTIVATING videos, the first is me figuring out the meaning and significance of events of the night before (hence my oily hair, not due to lack of hygiene, just a lot of Fractionated Coconut Oil), and the second is a channel which amplifies, confirms, instructs and soothes, at least it does me.

Please don’t watch either of these videos if the “weird” library are not to your taste… Either those other videos leave you feeling like you did not understand one word, or they make you feel woozy or scared, somehow, or just not quite right, but in a bad way. Please. That is not to say that one day those videos won’t feel like warm velvet to your skin, but if for now they make you mad or create inner discomfort, then, let it be known very clearly that these, then, WILL NOT BE pleasant for you. After all, viewing these things is not mandatory, RIGHT?! One day, it might feel so super great, and maybe not, and either way is so beautiful that, to hold yourself in judgment as to whether you watch or not, well, that is not necessary. Things happen as they should. TRUST YOUR FEELINGS! Please, do this for YOU, listen to your guidance, and act accordingly.  And thank you.




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